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"For lack of vision my people perish." Proverbs 29:18 

Our vision, is to re-establish healing in the body of Christ and to plant Healing Rooms throughout the U.S., Mexico, Central, and South America.  Healing Rooms have been established in the following countries, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil.  In 2018 we moved our home base as well as the Latin America Division Headquarters to Jacksonville, Florida and opened the Healing Rooms of Jacksonville, Florida in 2019.  In August 2020 we added on Healing Rooms Kids at our headquarters by incorporating a time for children to function in Healing Rooms.

Our mission, is to serve the community and the body of Christ, while interceding for all that Christ promised the Church worldwide.  We minister the message of salvation, the healing word, anointing that empowers the word, prayer for the sick, and impartation for healing of the local Church.  We are excited to be a part of what God is doing in the Church, in this hour, and around the world.

Healing Rooms Ministries Latin American Division, Jacksonville, Florida USA, and San Clemente, California USA

Dr. Don Lynch.jpg
Alfred Friend
Laura Friend
Dr. Don Lynch
Ruthanne Lynch

Founder of Healing Rooms San Clemente & Healing Rooms Jacksonville, FL, & Divisional Director of Latin American Healing Rooms (now in Heaven)

Maria Ramdas 2.jpg
Maria Ramdas

Associate Director of Healing Rooms Jacksonville, FL

Founder of Healing Rooms San Clemente and Healing Rooms Jacksonville, FL

Board of Directors Secretary, Healing Rooms Jacksonville, FL

Co-Director of Healing Rooms Jacksonville, FL & Board Member

Pamela Moody

Associate Director of Healing Rooms Jacksonville, FL

Laura Friend

Divisional Director of Latin America Division

Romel Monroy

Ministry Material Director of Latin American Healing Rooms

Dr. Don & Ruthanne Lynch

Board Members of Latin America Division

Lidia Monroy

Worship Director of Latin American Healing Rooms

Reverend Arnie Klaan

Healing Rooms of Latin America Division

Javier & Elizabeth Rodriguez

National Director for Healing Rooms of Peru

Marisa García

Coordinator of Latin America Division

Lucia Thomazi

National Director for Healing Rooms of Brazil

Jeanette Endara

Point of Contact for Healing Rooms of Ecuador

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